Vader to Disney: I Am Your Father

Now that Darth Vader has the formality of visiting Disney out of his way, he’s busy seeing Disney characters and telling them the truth. He is their father. Via Galesaur, Neatorama

Superheroes Are Cats

In the illustrations of artist Lars deSouza, Marvel characters are cats. They’ve become a wee bit difficult to recognize, Thor almost looks like a dog; but that probably is besides the point.

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Yoda Tries to Order a Pizza

Ordering pizza isn’t easy when you speak like Yoda, as evidenced in this comic by Jim Benton. I wonder how many people are actually going to try this. Via LaughingSquid

The amazing adventures of – wait for it – The Unemployed Man

Who hasn’t heard of the Unemployed Man? This (superhero?) is everywhere, watching us, looking for a job to do, sometimes quite desperately. The Adventures of the Unemployed Man features artwork from the likes of Ramona Fradon, Michael Netzer, Benton Jew, Thomas Yeates, Thomas Mauer and Lee Loughridge and others. The comic showcases the struggles of …

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