Funny comics of a cat speaking its mind

Cats kind of get a bad reputation of being aloof and not caring much. While you could dispute that notion, it certainly does make for some very interesting circumstances. Especially, if you’re dealing with Catass. Like the name implies, this cat is a huge asshole. Checkout these humorous comics of the mean cat about “me, myself, and my pet human.”

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Famous Movie Moments and Comics Animated in 8-bit

Pulp Fiction

Ah 8-bit, the block ridden, barely conspicuous medium that probably nobody would care about if it didn’t bring us the sweet nostalgia. For that reason alone, we shall remain hooked to the magic of 8-bit for a long time to come. Slovekian artist Dusan Cezek has created a set of 8-bit images that present some of the well known movie moments, and a set of comic book characters in the glorious gif format.

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Ladies of Marvel and DC Get Disney Princess Avatars

Jasmine + Donna Troy

Imagining a costume party in comic book universe, the question is, what would the ladies dress up as? Going as a Disney princess is arguably a safe bet, and the comic book ladies probably wouldn’t mind the setup. Illustrations by Aegistkitty on Tumblr put the ladies of DC and Marvel into a sweet mashup with Disney Princesses for a series titled Super Disney. It’s a series in progress, so we might yet get to see more.

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Philosophical Side of Zelda [comic]

If you get philosophical, you would find a meaning deep beneath the labyrinth of Zelda, well of course, depending on how you’re looking at things. The comic is the work of Zac Gorman. Via Gamefreaks, NerdApproved

A Chapter From Hindu Mythology Presented in Artistic ‘Krishna: A Journey Within’

Indian artist Abhishek Singh is taking a leaf out of the country’s Hindu mythology to bring out a graphic novel titled Krishna: A Journey Within. The graphic novel will speak of the tales of one of the most revered Hindu Gods. The clincher for the novel however seems to be the splendid artwork and the magnificent settings the frames of the novel show. The novel should be out later this year, and is currently available for pre-order at $20.

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