Handheld espresso machine keeps your caffeine fix close

Even walking to the coffee machine is a pain when you have something like a gazillion cups of coffee everyday. Ergo, this handheld espresso maker is a blessing that will bestow a cuppa upon you without forcing you to leave your seat. It has the appearance of an icecream scoop, has gas cartridges to fumble …

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Airpresso uses your biking power to make coffee

When you’re out biking somewhere, coffee isn’t quite the drink you can hope for. But if you really want that cup of coffee, the Airpresso would be more than willing to help. Airpresso makes use of air pressure from your bike’s pump, ground coffee and hot water to create the 120ml shot of espresso you …

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Linje Espressomaker has a trendy wooden finish

Linje Espressomaker was designed by Husby, Audun Grimstad, ├ůsne Kydland and Mariko Kurioka Rohde, with the idea of introducing Scandinavian design touches to the Espressomaker, a world they find to be greatly under Italian influence. Counting of wood as an expression of Nordic design, the Espressomaker was created with layers of Poplar wood glued together and sanded down.

Via: oysteinworks, MoCo Loco

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Concrete espresso machine probably makes the strongest coffee

Material used for the exteriors of a espresso machine isn’t likely to have any effect on the beverage itself, but when the exteriors are made of concrete, we can safely disregard such pragmatic things and hope for a strong kick. Shmuel Linski, the creator of this machine calls it Espresso Solo. The machine itself is basically metal working parts in a concrete case.

Via: Dezeen

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