Portrait Made From Coffee Ring Stains

Things as mundane and troublesome as coffee ring stains can actually turn to something as brilliant as this poster. We’re assuming Taiwanese musician Jay Cou’s songs inspired artist Hong “Red” Yi to drink a shitton of coffee, without using coasters. Yi managed to place her cup and saucer so well that the effort ended up being a very impressive portrait of the musician. We got to hand it to her, one does not simply make art with coffee ring stains.

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World’s Tiniest Coffee Maker

This is a cute little functional coffee maker probably no bigger than a coffee bean. It weighs just 3.9 grams and apparently can work to concoct a few drops of coffee. That certainly won’t be enough to whet the coffee cravings of the most modest coffee drinker in Lilliput, let alone our humongous desire for …

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In Caffeine We Trust

We’re totally digging this “In Caffeine We Trust” poster. For one, it is really cool, and secondly, at the end of the month it can turn into an interesting infographic of the user’s caffeine habits. Costs $30.

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Aeroshot Delivers Your Caffeine Needs In A Single Breath

This sounds so very awesome to the caffeine addict in me. A portable burst of caffeine, apparently for the times when we land up in some desolate place where a cup of coffee just cannot be found. Because though this capsule may promise a dose of caffeine equivalent to a large cup of coffee (100 …

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Coffee Machine Knows Your Fingerprint, Your Taste In Coffee

The world would be a better place if we didn’t have to tweak and set coffee machines every single time we wanted our dose of caffeine. Philips Saeco Xelsis Digital ID machine holds promise, all you need to do with this one is to place your finger on a small pad and the machine recognizes the user from a database of six users that it holds.

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Get Your Addiction On, Meth Coffee

It’s tough to compare one addiction to the other, but bringing both together ought to make the deal super addictive. To state the obvious, Meth Coffee has no meth. What it does have is being “supercharged with maximum caffeine.” It’s like the anti-decaf, and a sure fix. Costs $12 for 10 oz.

Joulies keep your coffee at drinkable temperature

Coffee Joulies are the magical beans that fight to keep the temperature of your coffee just right. Made out of non-toxic material and covered in stainless steel, the Joulies cool down the coffee when it is too hot, and then give out the absorbed heat as the coffee starts to go cold. Ultimately, this ensures …

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