A Quick Look At The Most Beloved Types Of Coffee

Coffee Beans

A coffee lover knows that the skill of choosing, brewing, and then finally producing a great cup of coffee is an art. It needs a thorough knowledge of different types of coffee. Here’s our list of best-known types of coffee and variants that are absolutely adored by coffee lovers.

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Creamer Meets Coffee In Super Slow Motion

Having seen several videos from Modernist Cuisine earlier, we’re not so happy about having missed this one. This video talks of the physics of coffee and creamer, and of course, presents it in super slow-motion style. We especially like the “storm in the tea cup” imagery that presents itself as the creamer hits the coffee, …

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Beer Vs Coffee

Here’s your guide to when you should reach for that mug of beer, or the cup of coffee. Surprisingly enough, the answer is not always.

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Wolf Latte Art, Just the Way Starks Like Their Coffee

There has been some sweet latte art, and there has been good Game of Thrones art, but what we haven’t seen yet is Game of Thrones inspired latte art. This well made wolf latte art made me think Game of Thrones house sigils would look wicked on latte. Via

Cheat Sheet for Espresso Inspired Beverages

This chart is your guide to creating 23 delicious drinks based on the Espresso, or as Pop Chart Lab calls it, ” a world tour of the purest form of coffee.” For the coffee lover in you, this chart just might be a quick way to decide your choice of drink and get brewing. Costs …

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