Shanghai has a Theme Park Full of Chocolate Delights

Shanghai has a wonderland, a theme park full of chocolate attractions. The theme park opened its gates in December last year. Visitors at Shanghai’s World Chocolate Wonderland get to see lifelike chocolate exhibits. Which makes us wonder, is it still a terracota army if it is made of chocolate? Also, I could totally devour that Chocolate wall of China.

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Delicious And Sweet Chocolate Paintings

We’d vote for chocolate any day of the week, so we will do the same for these chocolate paintings. All that needs to be done is getting our hands on some chocolate, a nice idea for a painting and these masterpieces would follow, or at least that is what I’d like to believe. It does seem fairly easy for someone who has a stable hand hand in painting.

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The Chocolate Factory

Using the magic of chocolate, Freddie gave these objects a touch of taste, and chocolate. The process for this effect sounds relatively simple, Freddie froze the objects for several days and then went on to individually cover each of these with chocolate, all thanks to an airbrush. Those objects of course won’t suddenly turn edible, but the finish the chocolate gives them is quite interesting, as is the fact that chocolate would always be a lick away in this world.

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Edible Chocolate Couch

Artist Leandro Erlich made this amazing looking edible chocolate couch that looks deliciously inviting. The couch was made for a series called “Let Them Eat Art.” Via Inspire

Chocoshots deliver the tastiest medicine ever

They may come in a scary syringe package, but Chocoshots stay true to their name and are loaded with the goodness of chocolates. We wouldn’t mind having chocolate run through are veins, but this one is supposed to be taken orally. Via: bookofjoe

The deliciousness of chocolate weapons

A handgun, a grenade, the chocolate weapons are all made of rich chocolate. We’ll call them the fat inducing weapons. They’re deadly, but they’re so freakin’ tasty. Via: CakeheadLovesEvil

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld makes a hotel room out of chocolate

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld put his creativity to good use, pouring a whole 10 tons of Belgian chocolate into creating a model hotel room. Just for effect, the Chanel designer even threw in a chocolate man eating chocolate ice cream. The designer created this room as part of his deal with Magnum icecream. Via: OddityCentral

Famous monuments of the world crafted in delicious white chocolate

Mirco Della Vechia is apparently the Italian superhero of chocolatiers. Since we never go into a hyperbole [citation needed] it would suffice to say that creating big chocolate models of famous world monuments makes Vechia a very talented artist. Major landmarks like the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Stonehenge, the Parthenon, and Egypt’s Abu Simbel have all been honored with the Chocolate World Heritage Monuments collection.

Via: OddityCentral

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