Edible Chocolate Art Supplies

edible chocolate art supplies by nendo

Looking perfectly like their part of conventional color tubes for art supplies, the 12 piece set is a set of fully edible tubes and fillings. Created by Nendo for Japan’s Seibu department store, each of the chocolate tubes holds a different flavored caramel or syrup that shows up on the tube’s label.

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Let’s Storm and Siege This Chocolate Castle on a Beach

Brighton Beach in the UK is playing host to a huge castle made entirely from chocolate, and one that we should immediately put under siege. Commissioned by Cadbury, the castle is made from 90,000 Dairy Milk Pebbles, and was put together by five people who spent 100 hours to collectively make the castle real. Pebbles on the castle are held together by about 25 kilos (55 pounds) of fondant icing and 20 kilos (44 pounds) of icing sugar. The castle is about 10 foot tall, eight feet wide, and weighs half a ton of delicious.

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Jack Daniels Infused Chocolate Bars

Getting high on chocolate should be the next best thing to getting high. The 3.5oz/100 grams bar is made from “premium” Swiss chocolate, with an added healthy dose of Jack Daniels. We don’t know what it might taste like, but nobody should give a shit about that after a few pieces. Costs $9.99.

(Chocolate) Nailed It!

Brocca is a type of nail generally used in mountain boots and made by hand in Valle di Ledro in Italy. Apparently, it is also a big deal because every year a competition called Brocche 2.0 is hosted to find new ideas for the nails and to promote them. A winner this year was Brocca made from dark chocolate. The entry called Brocche Fondenti by designers Monica Maggi, Pippo Marino and Giangi Caffio presumably adds as much flavor to food, as the nail does to the shoe.

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Nike Sneakers Carved From Chocolate

Apparently a fan of Nike Air Max, designer Joost Goudriaan created the shoes out of delicious, delicious chocolate. Details on the chocolate sneakers are impressive; you can even see the thread and sewing that would go with the shoes. Goudriaan has made two variants of the shoes, one from milk chocolate and the other from white chocolate with a pure chocolate sole. Perhaps it is the color, but the details are much better visible in the brown chocolate shoe. The sculptures are a series of ten unique variations, each at Air Max size 10.

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Chocolate Lamp Spreads The Illumination of Taste

Chocolate lamp by Alexander Lervik is built up on the concept of light versus dark, which we thinks works very well with the mix of an electric bulb covered in a lamp shade of chocolate. It’s a light that gives no light at all, until the heat from the bulb starts to thaw the chocolate that slowly melts and moves to the container at the bottom, while the melting chocolate exposes the bulb that shines through.

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Guess What Head These Chocolate Hats Are Going On?

If you found the heading in any way suggestive, you’re probably going to win the guessing game. There’s the viking helmet, cowboy hat, and the top hat; all made in sizes fit to cover the penis. Manufacturers D*ckHats (really?) currently have plans to start production sometime later, with each hat priced at $10.

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Walnut Brains

Come to think of it, and walnuts really do look like brains. Being fixed in chocolate skull just makes them appear more delicious. Via Cakehead