Singing chair likes interacting with people

The singing chair would be like any other chair, except the part that it has a screen that displays lips, and it can do some bit of talking and interacting with people. Not content being a random talking chair, the thing tries to be more human-like trying to interact with the people around the chair.

Via: designboom

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Sicis Next Art creates exotic, artistic furniture

The seemless blending of comfort and art in furniture from Sicis Next Art is quite impressive. Designer Carla Tolomeo has created a range of chairs and settees that are artistic and functional. Seeing furniture transformed to butterflies and roses, and still maintain a charm is quite fascinating. Along with the imaginative shapes, the furniture also boasts fine Italian craftsmanship.

Via: Trendir

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Burning Chairs actually are candles

There’s little chance that someone will ever get to sit on these chairs, or if they will even survive if someone does sit on them. But that’s okay, because these chairs are not meant to be “regular” furniture. Designer Hongtao Zhou‘s chairs may look icy, but they’re quick to catch fire. The chairs are made of wax and have wicks in them, so they are more of chair-shaped candles.

Via: DesignMilk

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