There Can Be No Denying the Comfort of the Cocoon Chair

Cocoon chair by designers Tompson Tompson looks oh so comfortable and welcoming. It has been designed as a place for comfort, rest and solitude, one that many of us will come to appreciate at the end of a hectic, tiring day. Of course, you don’t really have to wrap yourself up by closing the “ears” of the chair but there is an option for that if you should really want that feel of seclusion. Lovely.

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Seating Inspired By The Style of the Classic Vespa

Creative studio Bel&Bel loves to make furniture out of automobiles, cars and scooters. We find their line of Vespa seats to be so very cool. These seats are made from parts of the classic Piaggio Vespa scooter, now fitted to work well and comfortably as a real kick-ass chair. Chairs are made from numerous parts …

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Rhino Chair

We’re thinking the Rhino Chair could find a perfect friend in the Octopus chair, they do look quite like siblings. This one also comes from designer Maximo Riera and will be exhibited at the 100% Design show in Earl’s Court, London this September. Via LikeCool

Comfy cargo chair lets you stuff it up

Comfy cargo chair is an open structure filled with empty spaces and held together by something like a wireframe structure. The whole lot of empty spaces means you can use the space to store a lot of things, and the naked frame means it is never going to be “comfy” to sit on. Designed by Stephan Schulz.

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Transit furniture made from traffic signs

Boris Bally makes chairs and tables out of traffic signs. Though recycled street signs make up a major part of his work, the artist also incorporates weapon parts and other found materials in his work. Edges of the furniture are rounded off for a smooth finish and avoided cuts. Since multiple signs may go into …

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This chair is perfectly ripped, better than you will ever be

Hit the gym, workout, spend time and money, and return only to find that a chair already beat you to getting a perfect body. As a result, Mr. Chair by designers Soojin Hyun and Sangho Park gets all the girls it wants, while you desperately try working out at the gym. If you’re wondering how a chair gets the girls, the images here should sort it all out for you.

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Magic chair stands despite cut-off legs

This chair right in front of you, ladies and gentlemen, is magic. It stands strong, so you could sit on it, and wonder how in the world does a chair without legs manage to be useful. Elementary, my dear Watson, the answer is concealed as a thick plate in the carpet. The steel plate helps the cantilever chair to stay in place, while the stubs give the appearance of the chair having been cut off at the legs. Designed by Peter Bristol.

Via: Geekologie

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Subsonic Teenage Subwoofer Chair

Created by Canadian designer John Greg Ball, the subsonic chair was created to go along the loud-music playing habits of youth. The chair has two 16-inch subwoofers and can connect to iPods, mp3 players and gaming systems to deliver loud and thundering sounds, while the user sits on it and enjoys the music. The chair …

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Candy chair made with lollipops is edible

Like your candy? You’re gonna love this chair. To put it blunt, this chair is 60 pounds worth of confectioners sugar. Created by designer Pieter Brenner, the chair can be more than a piece of display. You could technically sit on it, though it is not recommended, but you can customize the appearance of the chair to your liking. All you need to do for customizing the chair is to lick at the candy, the way you like it, wherever you like it. The sugarchair is for sale, each priced at $11000.

Via: FastCo Design

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