Designer Peacock Chair

peacock chair by uufie

Nature is a rich repository of inspiration, and doing things right can get it transformed beautifully into design. Peacock chair by architecture firm Uufie takes its inspiration from the unfolded feathers of a peacock and a flower in bloom. Both these characteristics are molded together in acrylic composite to form this rather striking chair.

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Quiet Chair is a Place of Zen

Quiet by London based studio TILT has been designed to be a chair that is also a personal space. It exhibits these qualities in the photographs where we see a person peacefully sitting inside the chair and quite shielded from the surrounding environment. The pentagonal shape is intended to feel like a cocoon, so a person could sit and relax inside, having some “me time.”

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Peacock Chair

Cappellini‘s Peacock Chair might not be as colorful as the real deal, but it sure does try to mimic the real one in form. Plus, it does try to make up with the lack of colors in the individual chairs with a variety of bright colors in available options.

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The Rocking Chair That Would Not Rock

This chair is a concept that artist Cory Barkman has been working on. While the appearance of the chair gives an impression that it would be a rocking chair with an unstable base, it actually is a fixed chair that has been secured properly to a 3/8-inch steel base plate. The seat itself has been covered in Brazilian cow hide, while the back of the chair and the pillow wear leather.

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Chair Socks!

We’re quite floored by the idea of having chairs wear knitted socks. It’s quite ingenious actually, they look cute, and the floors can be spared scratches from the chair legs. Via SimplyNotable

Darth Vader Patio Chair

Not to be outdone by Stormtroopers, and let’s face it, that would be embarrassing, Darth Vader has a patio chair for himself. The chair is the work of GotWood Workshop. Via Geekologie

My Chair was Forged by a Volcano

In a different world or in the imagination of an author, a chair forged by a volcano would be something pretty damn badass. But since our world likes to play spoilsport, we instead get a cool looking hanging chair. Manu Nest by Maffam Freeform is a hanging chair carved out of volcanic rock Basalt. The manufacturers combined basalt fibers with ecoresin to create a lightweight hanging chair that looks pretty good. Also, the part about volcanic rock is true.

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Paszcza Armchair Seats You on Its Tongue

We probably should like the unconventional design of the Paszcza armchair, but the creation of Poland-based design studio WAMHOUSE has a cushioned red seat that takes on the form of a tongue and a solid circular embrace that double times as a mouth equivalent. Our dirty mind thinks that the chair performs unspeakable acts to the people sitting on it; but it is no pervert.

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A Chair Inspired by the Fine Art of Ass Observing

Apparently a concept designed for no other reason than to “observe the glorious view of behind” the Pezzo Di Culo concept chair cites ass observing as its inspiration. To display its love for the hinds, the chair has three cushions to support them lovingly in its foam upholstery and woven fabric structure on chromed metal. On another note, Pezzo Di Culo is Italian for “Piece of Ass.”

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