Cool Design

Keep yourself and your pet happy in the rocking pet bed

We love the relaxed feeling of the rocking chair, and for obvious reasons, the pets love it too. But then it isn’t always possible to have the pet in the lap while we relax on the rocking chair. Paul Kweton has emerged as the savior for such situations with the Rocking-2-gether chair. For us humans, it is just a rocking chair, but its base includes something of a doghouse where the pet can conveniently sit and enjoy the music of the rocking chair.

Via: Shoebox Dwelling


Mousepad built into armrest shows how things should be

Having a mousepad attached with a chair’s armrest is a simple idea that also happens to be very useful. The end of the chair’s armrest is where the hand usually rests, so it becomes quite logical that the same area would be well suited to hold a mouse. The padded armrest has been made for the chair, but it doesn’t discriminate against tables and desks either; as long as you fasten it well, that is. Costs $43.

Via: Dvice