Skull Chair Has a Soulmate in the Brain Ottoman

Skulls go exceptionally well with brains, which is the reason I always prefer to keep my brain firmly in the skull. Sometimes it is a little too tight, but mostly, I’m okay. This love affair of skull and brain has taken the next step where they’re together as furniture. Artist/designer Vladi Rapaport has crafted a combo of a skull chair and brain ottoman, both destined to be together just like god intended.

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Required Immediately for Evil Genius Lair: Skull Armchair

Skull Armchair by Harold Harow

Being an evil genius requires great attention to your lair and appearance. Sure you could be sitting in a Skull mountain like Skeletor, but then you sit in a regular chair with a couple of skulls and shenanigans randomly thrown in, ruining the effect. You could get yourself a scary chair, but that usually kills the comfort. Not in this chair though, the Skull Armchair is meant to be a comfortable chair.

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Flow Bamboo Chair is Apparently Quite Comfortable

We see Flow by Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng and craft artist Kao-Min Chen, and we cannot imagine this mess of bamboo strips could be comfortable. In fact, looking at its base and the possible amount of injuries that could happen, this could be something like the Iron Throne of Westeros. The designer though maintains that it is a comfortable bamboo chair “light and free as a cloud” and where you could enjoy a lazy afternoon.

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Hammock Chair

Goodness of a hammock meets the chair in the very interesting Cradle chair by British designer Benjamin Hubert. It includes a cushion for seating backed by a net structured like a hammock, so the chair overall becomes half a hammock. One where you sit rather than plain lay down. The hammock part uses a non elastic textile so the chair has the right tension to support the body.

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How Far Would You Go For Your Posture?

Having a good posture is absolutely desirable, but sometimes, the question must arise about the lengths you’re willing to go for that. The ideal thing to do would be having a good exercise routine, but many people tend to be short on time for such important activities. Another option would be sitting on a balance ball while at work. It is a simple solution to give you a workout and keep the back strong while you slave away at the computer.

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DRM Chair Self Destructs After Eight Uses

A satirical look at the concept of DRM, this chair intends to show the absurdity of the idea. Called DRM Chair, the creation of students at Swiss university ECAL calculates the number of times it has been sat upon using a sensor, and when the counter reaches eight, it goes into self-destruct mode. Joints in the chair are made of wax, which start to get heated by a nichrome wire once the number of intended uses is complete, and eventually heat it enough to make the wax melt and for the chair to fall apart.

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A chair made from books

I’d call this the chair of wisdom, simply because it is chock full of books. The apparently super heavyweight chair is the creation of Alvaro Tamarit and named Bench of Thoughts. If it looks ever made you think otherwise, know that it is pretty expensive. Costs $8500. Via Colossal

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Arms chair welcomes with open arms

If this chair didn’t creep me out so much, I’d say it seems to be welcoming with open arms. Perhaps it is innocent in spite of its looks, but the design by Oleksandr Shestakovych doesn’t really look as welcoming as it would like to. Via LikeCool