Sony Shows Brilliant ‘Lens Style Cameras’ Specifically Made to Work With Smartphones

Sony DSC-QX100

Sony’s new QX series Lens Style Cameras are brilliant. A good chunk of photographs come from the very capable smartphones almost everyone carries these days. In the same vein, cameras too have evolved into digital settings and many of their components overlap with those available in smartphones. Sony is putting the two in a union with the Lens Style Cameras. The QX Series are comparatively small cameras, almost smaller than several lenses available. But each of these is a full fledged camera with its own lens, sensors, processor, microSD storage, and the wifi capability that makes it all possible.

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A Visual Compendium of Cameras

Visual compendium of cameras is a chart that that catalogs 100 landmark cameras through time in a neatly arranged print. Each print is signed and numbered. Costs $22. via

Taxidermied Animal and Object Cameras Made From Turtles, Armadillos and Books

Switzerland based artists Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs have created a set of cameras that go way beyond the ordinary. The set features working cameras sculpted out of turtle shells, armadillos, horns and even books. Except that last one, the others do remind us of The Flintstones. Inspiration behind this is a simple one, as long as you can point and shoot, it is a camera, even if it be in the shape and housed in the most unlikeliest of units.

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Leica X3 Concept Camera

Designer Vincent Sall decided the world needed a camera to fit between the gap left between a full fledged DSLR and the smartphone camera, which we assume also includes point and shoot cameras. Anyways, the designer cooked up this ultra compact shooter that boasts of being a lovechild of the DSLR and a smartphone camera.

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DSRL Lens Pendant Lamp

Going beyond the DSLR, or maybe around the DSLR, Etsy seller Sandra Díaz has this DSRL lamp that is shaped much like a camera lens. The pendant lamp is a replica of a reflex camera lens and happens to be handmade out of cedar wood with water-based varnish and beewax finish. All the camera lens …

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Sneaky Camera Lens Lets You Capture Images Covertly

The way things are, this camera lens is ostensibly supposed to be used to capture photographs on the sly so the photographer could capture the “real” and untainted expressions of subjects. Super Secret Spy Lens allows photographers to take a 90 degrees turn on the image they’re capturing. The name of the contraption is a lens, owing to its shape, but for all intents it is a simple housing for a mirror to deflect light towards the desired direction.

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Jewelry for Leica Photo Camera

Each Leica is in itself a piece of art. While many would swear that a Leica doesn’t quite need any cosmetic upgrades, Japanese designer Jay Tsujimura decided that Leica could do with jewelry. Using his skills, the designer created two lines of jewelry, the “Premium Floral” and “Premium Lizard.” Both sets can sit on the hot shoe and soft release components of the camera.

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Canon EOS M

Canon has joined the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera club with the brand new EOS M. The 18 megapixel camera features a CMOS sensor, ISO 100-12800, full HD video recording, Hybrid CMOS autofocus system with 31 AF points, face detection and multi-point AF. A 3-inch LCD touchscreen adorns the back of the camera, with multi-touch support for zooming, navigation and consumer centric editing. The camera will go on sale in October with a price tag of $800.

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