Rifle Shaped Camera Takes Shooting Too Literally

Harmless Hunter is a fairly simple name for what looks like a rifle. But this thing won’t hurt anybody, it just takes the part about shooting pics a bit too literally. Harmless Hunter “KillShot” has a camera built into the rifle’s scope that shoots a photograph every time you press the trigger. It sounds like fun, but how long would you walk around with a rifle shaped camera? Especially one priced at $150. The camera is currently counting its blessings on Kickstarter.

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Best Design for a Circular Window [pic]

A good artist knows how to spice things up.Chilean artist Diego Castillo Roa used a wall decal to make the circular window look like a camera lens; the execution is flawless. The image is a submission for Lipton’s inspirARTE contest. Via PetaPixel

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

If our love for photography had its way, we would give everything a touch of photography. Well, it isn’t an idea as far fetched as it seems. While the idea of playing chess with camera lenses may be a bit too expensive, getting our caffeine fix in one doesn’t seem all that bad.

Lomokino Video Camera Records The Ancient Way

For fans who would like to go back to the ancient age and make movies on a 36mm roll, the Lomokino is a camera that does it the old way. You set the 36mm film rolling with the crank of a handle, and the camera will capture about 50 seconds worth of video on the …

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Shoot Literally With The Slingshot Camera

If you are a professional photographer, or even if you take photography seriously, you’d want to keep your hands steady and have a good camera in your hands. If pranks are what you are looking for, something unusual will do, like this camera concept that is shaped like a slingshot.

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Photographing an Exploding Polaroid

StaudingerFranke is a photography studio specializing in CGI and post production. Their portfolio is full of impressive photographs like the one here. This image of a polaroid camera mid-explosion stands out for its sheer style. Via First-Stop, Flavorwire

Digital Camera Does Time Lapse For You

Time lapse videos are cool, but most of us lack the skill and patience to actually sit down with the camera, have it configured and shoot the complete scene. For the likes of us, it is technology to the rescue with this camera doing all the hardwork. All we have to do is push a …

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