These vegan cakes have beautiful Mandala toppings

So you made a vegan cake. How do you decorate it? With intricately designed Mandalas of course, nothing gets the meaning across faster, while looking so beautiful. Made by Chef Stephen McCarty, the cakes are made from vegan ingredients and decorated with exquisite mandalas. The chef makes these cakes under the name of Sukhavati Raw Desserts. Mandalas generally require a wide variety of colors to be executed just right. McCarty makes use of completely edible plant and food extracts that not only provide color, but also add a nice flavor to the cakes.

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Severed Bride and Groom Head Wedding Cake

This is probably not the best idea of a wedding cake, but when you dig real deep on shaky philosophy, you realize truly just how deeply romantic this is. The cake shows severed heads of the bride and the groom, with the words till death do us part. That truly is the most romantic thing …

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Monster Birthday Cake

This fun looking Monsters birthday cake has Mike Wazowski sitting on what looks like a cushion resembling Sullivan’s fur. It was made by CakeCentral member JulzyCakes. via

Life Size Vader Cake is a 500 Pounder

That’s six feet seven inches of dark deliciousness in the shape of Darth Vader. He probably weighed less, but the cake is about 500 pounds. Vader’s cape is 100 lbs of marshmallow fondant, which we guess makes it 100 percent delicious. Ingredients of the cake include 386 eggs, 210 lbs of marshmallow fondant, 57 lbs of butter, and 3.5 cups of vanilla. The giant Vader cake was made by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes.

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Gollum Wedding Cake

Apparently, having Gollum make an appearance at weddings is the new “in” thing. You can have Gollum as the ringbearer, you can have Gollum on the cake. We suppose next time we see something like this, Gollum might be walking down the aisle. Via Between the Pages, Neatorama

Burnt Hogwarts cake for Harry Potter premiere

Created for the NYC premiere of the last Harry Potter movie, this cake shows a burnt Hogwarts, an aftermath of the wizard war that the building was witness to. The lighting effects they added makes the cake look eerily real, which we guess also works because the construction seems fairly accurate. Via CharmCity Cakes, Geekologie