Man Builds Himself a Bugatti Veyron out of a Mercury Cougar

When you want something real bad, you are going to get it. Probably except the part where what you want is a $1.6 million supercar, and buying one of those isn’t exactly easy. If you’re Mike Duff, you are going to build one of your own. Of course it won’t perform even nearly as well as the real Bugatti Veyron, but a 2002 Mercury Cougar donning the looks of the supercar is prize enough.

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Another Bugatti Veyron-shaped mobile phone shows up, and it has a targa top!

We’ve seen the Bugatti Veyron shaped Bugatty mobile phone before, and though this phone looks much like the earlier one, it has the spellings of Bugatti right. In fact, this phone has gone another step and has stamped the Bugatti logo all over. This car shaped mobile phone, as the vendor calls it, is the model HooD. It has a 2MP camera in the windscreen, a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen, dual sims and 8 GB card support. Apparently, you can take off the targa top and have a look at the car’s 2-seat interior, or simply remove it all to have access to the dual-sims and battery for the phone. Costs $118.

Via: 7Gadgets

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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport makes a new land speed record

The formidable Bugatti Veyron is about to go out of the production scene. Creating a worthy successor to what was once the fastest street legal car would have been one tough job, but Bugatti has accomplished it, and done it well. Meet the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, the 1200hp successor to the 1001hp Veyron. The new car also has 1,106 pound-feet of torque and revised aerodynamics.

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