Breaking Bad Playing Cards

breaking bad playing cards

Artist Jeff Nichol has come up with a series of prints where Breaking Bad characters, most notably Walter White, take their place on a deck of playing cards. We are missing the full set, but several of the characters and references do find room on the cards. Perhaps, we might get a full deck in the near future. For now though, the Breaking Bad playing card prints would do just fine. Several of these illustrations are available as prints at the artist’s shop on Society6.

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Self Help Book Covers Inspired by Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad might fit snugly into the spirit of self-help books, although not in the exact definition and way they would prefer. These books have been given the slight touch of the vintage and a mashup of titles with famous books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Who Moved my Cheese. Via cinismoilustrado, …

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Branding Bad: Designer Creates Logos for the Final Episodes of Breaking Bad

Designer Jeremy Loyd has created logos for each of the final eight episodes of the Breaking Bad series. Starting this half of the season with Blood Money, the logo series goes all the way to the finale Felina. The Dayton, Ohio based designer posted the logos a couple of days after the broadcast of the episode, and the set has just been updated with a logo of the finale. Hit ahead to see the logos in order of the episode telecast date.

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Breaking Bad Inspired Posters

Comic book artist Francesco Francavilla has worked on several well known franchises like Marvel’s Captain America and Daredevil, and DC’s Detective Comics and Swamp Thing. Illustrations here are from the artist’s project on the Breaking Bad series that spans the first two seasons and the second half of the last season in minimalist posters.

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Hyper-realistic Walter White Face Mask

This extremely realistic hyperflesh Walter White mask was on auction at eBay. One worn by Bryan Cranston himself, the mask found an excellent timing to show up considering the Breaking Bad series just had its finale. The mask eventually sold for $41,400. via

Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit Costume

Halloween Parties this year won’t be complete without a dozen Walter Whites walking around. Then maybe more Breaking Bad references. Get your gear in order with this Hazmat Suit costume that includes yellow hazmat suit, hazmat mask, blue gloves, and of course, the goatee. Costs $50.