Surreal Illustrations for the Horror Novella Black Labyrinth Book II

Black Labyrinth Book II

Black Labyrinth Book II by Joe R. Lansdale is rooted in psychological horror that focuses on the conflict and tensions of the mind and the battle to overcome the horror within. To carry along the theme of horror, the book will feature surreal illustrations from artist Santiago Caruso, an artist who is masterful enough to bring the horror of the book alive with his illustrations.

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Self Help Book Covers Inspired by Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad might fit snugly into the spirit of self-help books, although not in the exact definition and way they would prefer. These books have been given the slight touch of the vintage and a mashup of titles with famous books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Who Moved my Cheese. Via cinismoilustrado, …

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Harry Potter’s Birthday Gets Brand New Covers for the Books

Harry Potter turned thirty-three on July 31. To celebrate the birthday of the wizard, and that of author J.K. Rowling, the Potter books received updated covers from artist Kazu Kibuishi. Scholastic had commissioned the covers for the entire series for its fifteenth anniversary, and they have now all been revealed, the one for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows being revealed on July 31.

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Books Inspire Ice Cream Flavors

Magical blend of butter beer, Bertie Bott’s Strawberry Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs.

We like our books, we like our icecream, and it follows by logic that we must love ice cream flavors inspired by books, if only for the packaging. Philadelphia based book publisher Quirk Books has come up with a rather sweet collection of ideas and images on ice cream flavors inspired by books.

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