X-Ray origami brings endangered birds into focus

Japanese student Takayuki Hori printed skeletons of four endangered species on translucent paper, and folded them into these stunning origami creations. When laid flat, the print on paper looks like a collection of scattered bones, but when folded into the proper origami shape, the bird comes to life. With the creation of these 3D skeletons, Hori intends to draw attention to endangered species of birds.

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Real life angry bird photographed

Don’t make birds angry, you aren’t going to like them when they are angry. Case in point: this female Blue-grey Gnatcatcher. Photographer Gerard Girling managed to take a shot of this apparently super angry, 6.5-gram bird. Via: Telegraph, TwistedSifter

Festo’s bionic bird robots flap their wings, fly

Festo has a thing for making robots that remarkably an eerily resemble real-life creatures. We’ve seen a touch of their magic with penguins and dolphins, and this time they’ve taken to the skies with the SmartBird robot. The bionic robot can flap its wings, which give it the capability to fly and glide like a real bird. The robot can start, land and fly autonomously. Thankfully, it hasn’t yet thought of hunting as a means to sustain itself.

Via: Toxel

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