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Meet Wheelmen, The Bicycle That’s More Expensive Than Your Car

As cycling picks more steam, it is only natural that we see more options be available for purchase. Being custom-built isn’t solely the domain of high-end automobiles. With that in mind, meet the Williamson Wheelmen bike, and be amazed by its price tag of $35,000. The custom-built bike is hand brazed in Detroit with the goal of being a work of art and a mode of transportation like no other. In that objective, it certainly does succeed, creating a rather impressive look.


Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat Wants To Make You Happy, Like Really Happy

They say riding a bike is fun, this bike seat intends to make it waaayyyy better, well at least for the ladies. Happy Ride seat from a UK company vibrates while you are on it, making the ride a pleasurable experience. Well, we guess that ought to encourage people to ride bicycles more, so it should be a good thing, right? Oh, oh, and I got a line:

Is that your bike seat, or are you really happy to see me?


Pedal-less Bicycle Looks Pretty Much Useless

Bicycles are very useful contraptions; you can pedal to reach your destination with relative ease, and get some good exercise. This pedal-less bicycle takes all the useful out of the bicycle, and reduces it to a very ridiculous burden. With this pedal-less bicycle, the user has the frame on their shoulders, they are supposed to run gather speed and then freely suspend themselves while the bicycle runs for maybe a few meters. You’d be lucky if you found a place to go downhill, and extremely terrible if you have to go uphill. Even the Flintstones probably wouldn’t find this much useful.


This Bicycle is a Ferrari Super

A Ferrari and a bicycle are the polar opposites in almost everything, except when they are the same thing. Austrian artist Hannes Langeder’s Fahrradi Farfall FFX is a custom made Ferrari, and a bicycle. Built to look like the track only supercar Ferrari FFX, the Farfall FFX does not boast a V12 engine, F1 technology or the magnificence of the prancing horse, what it does have is street legal status in Austria and pedal power.


Jewelry Made From Bike Tires

Jeni Oye mixes up old bike tires with aluminum to create these wonderfully creative puffs and pendants. We’re pretty sure bike lovers would appreciate these things.

Via Design-Milk


Robot Learns To Bicycle, Already Wants To Join A Biker Gang

Developed by Dr Geuro, the Primer V2 is a tiny robot that knows how to keep its balance on a bicycle, and can even push his miniature bicycle to speeds up to 6mph. The robot makes use of centrifugal force from the front wheel and a gyroscope to stay balanced and drive the bicycle.

Design Environment Featured

Recumbent Bicycle Made by Plants That Grow to Form Its Frame

You can make a bicycle the traditional way, finding metal and parts and bending them to shapes that would eventually form a bicycle. Or you could go the way of Alexander Vittouris who just went on to “grow” his bicycle. Plants are usually made to grow into various shapes using a technique called arborsculpture, Alexander used the same technique to have bamboo grow into forming the skeleton for his bike, Ajiro.

Random Weird

Crazy roof dreams of making bicycles weatherproof

In some different dimension, this removable windshield and roof system would actually serve to protect the bicyclist from bad weather. In this world, the poor cyclist won’t stand a chance again gusts of wind, and will have to deal with the weird appendage limiting visibility.

Via: Toxel


Bicycle sculpture cycles on the Danube river

Danube Bicycle is a kinetic sculpture that artist Zoltan Kecskemeti intends to have installed in the Danube River at Budapest, Hungary. Flow of the water moves the wheels of the bicycle, which in turn moves the legs of the rider, getting the kinetic sculpture in motion.

Via: designboom


Custom and unique bikes that speak your name

The “Write a Bike” is a design for custom bicycles created by Swiss art director Juri Zaech. Having a bike whose frame speaks your name is quite an interesting option. However, with all those changes to the frame, maintaining the structural integrity of the bike becomes a tough job. Zaech is working on a way to create a prototype of one of the bikes.

Via: BeautifulLife