Potatoes Want Their Rights In Peter Pink’s Very Edible World of Humor

Installations by artist Peter Pink show veggies in quite a world. It seems to be quite a world, except to the potatoes who have quite a long list of demands, the pink eyeglass wearing cucumbers who seem to be ruthless enforcers, and bananas and other edibles who apparently just don’t care. Some of these are made for fun, some carry messages and comments on current events. In any case, the humor stays, and so do the potatoes. Well, mostly. The Berlin based artist often describes himself as a “nonsense-maker.” Well, if this is nonsense, we don’t want any sense to ruin the humor.

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Banana Oxidation Art

Bananas apparently make for an excellent canvas for art. Australian artist Jun Gil Park makes amazing drawings on bananas using a toothpick to carve out the drawings, and letting oxidation do its job after that. He scratches the surface of the banana with a toothpick, leaves it that way for sometime, and soon oxidation does its job and an excellent drawing shows up on the fruit.

Via OddityCentral

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