Functional Prototype of Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

replica back to the future hoverboard

We have not really kept up with technological advances in fiction, a very glaring example of which is that we don’t yet have anything close to the hoverboard that Marty McFly showed off in Back to the Future. Though it is quite heartening to see that we are making progress on that score. Here’s a functioning 1:2 scale replica of the Hoverboard. Good news, it hovers. Bad news, you can’t even begin to use it the way Marty did.

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Nike Makes Back to the Future Shoes Real

Nike Back to the Future been on top of shopping lists ever since they popped out in the movie, only they didn’t really exist so people couldn’t quite buy them. Now Nike has caught hold of the sales potential in these sci-fi shoes, and has brought them to reality. The sad part: they don’t have auto-lace so you will have to tie shoe laces yourself.

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The DeLorean cake is a nifty time machine

We’ve seen a fair share of amazingly sculpted cakes, and this DeLorean cake looks all the more better because it is a time machine as well. The 8-foot long cake was made to celebrate 25 years of Back to the Future and its Blu-ray release. Cast and crew-members were present to witness the car/ time …

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Back to the Future inspired power laces

Gentlemen, the future is here, or nearly here. Nearly here because we have hoverboards that are just short of supporting human weight, and power laces that don’t work as quick as in Back to the Future II and also have an unseemly motor attached. Well, maybe we will get things in order by 2015, and by then Blake Bevin would have perfected his design of the powerlaces and probably have created a time machine as well. Video follows.

Via: Hack a Day, SlipperyBrick

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Artist makes replica of the Back to the Future II hoverboard

A replica of the hoverboard seen in Back to the Futuer II has been created by artist Nils Guadagnin. An electromagnetic system keeps the hoverboard airborne, while a laser system keeps it balanced. Sadly, it can’t really bear much weight, so antics on a hoverboard will have to wait for a bit longer. Video after the jump.

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