Tilt-Shift Video Puts Melbourne in Miniature

Whenever we see tilt-shift photography, we’re like whoa! magic!. And that is exactly the reaction we had to this video by Nathan Kaso. The photographer spent almost 10 months in creating this video that puts the gigantic city of Melbourne into a miniature setting. The video keeps a focus on the city’s annual festivals and outdoor events that look all the more endearing when seen as miniatures.

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Stop-motion graffiti storytelling

Austrailian street artist Shida has a very interesting way of telling stories. The artist will have his solo exhibition “Crystals of the Colossus” at the Until Never art gallery in Melbourne. Checkout the mix of graffiti and stop-motion story telling. Via: Until Never, PSFK

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Sydney Harbor built in stationary and office supplies

Staples Australia built the Sydney Harbor, recreating the famous landmark in staples stationary and office supplies. The structure has been made out of 2,344 recycled sticky notes, 84 boxes of staples, 361 bulldog clips, 169 paperclips, 107 rubber bands, 132 coloured pencils. Via: TheAwesomer

Huge USB cables in Australia hunting for a hub

As evidenced by this picture, Australia has giant USB cables, which probably means that they have a ginormous computer hidden somewhere close. This screenshot from Google Maps apparently points to the Waubra Wind Farm, but why a wind farm needs such USB cables is anyone’s guess. Maybe wind energy is going to be transmitted through …

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Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 console is a blast

The millionth Xbox 360 console to be sold in Australia and New Zealand would appear as a special achievement for Microsoft, and the console does reflect the sentiment. Being auctioned for charity, this console was created by Richard Taylor and the Weta Workshop, and it shows Master Chief blowing the innards off the console. Proceeds from the eBay auction will go to David Peachey Foundation, and Microsoft will match the winning bid with up to $10,000 for the donation.

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