Water Lily Brings You Close To Nature

Baumraum a German company has designed The Water Lily. A great example of creative design and constructive expertise, Water Lily is a perfect place get away and relax, not just surrounded by nature but here you can feel it. The design has two main aspects to it, one is the visible part above water – with a day bed, kitchen and storage space, the other part, below the lake has a small but relaxing sauna. The design brings you so close to nature that you can fell it just beside you and enjoy the tranquility to the fullest.



World’s Biggest Image Building

This is the strangest building ever made on this planet and its the Tianzi Hotel in China’s, Hebei Province. Built in 2000/01 the hotel is 10 storeys high and represents good fortune, prosperity and longevity. And if the hotel isn’t strange enough, then look for the round thing in the hands of the white bearded fellow – its a suite.

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Design Environment

From Kitchen Sinks To Buildings

Who could have imagined, that kitchen sinks could be used as building cladding. A Dutch architecture firm has done so. A wonderful example of recycling and building. The use of such sinks is not only limited to building facade’s but can also be used as water tanks, open air structures and a lot more purposes.