ISKCON Plans a 70 Story Skyscraper Temple For Krishna

ISKCON Skyscraper Temple of Krishna Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is building the world’s tallest temple in Vrindavan, India. Named the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, the skyscraper temple will be one of the largest religious buildings in the world. Upon completion, the temple will stand 210 meters (700 feet) tall and include a built-up area of 540,000 square feet.

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Photographs of The World’s Most Exquisite Libraries

Libraries pictured in our minds are somewhat simple, orthodox rooms with books lining up shelves and a few people scattered and reading in silence. While that description would be generally true, libraries can also be architecturally and aesthetically pleasing structures that house a wealth of human knowledge. In the book The Library: A World History, James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce take a look at the history and development of libraries through civilization. A huge attraction of the book happens to be these magnificent photographs of libraries by Will Pryce.

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Giant Nomadic City Rolls on Caterpillar Tracks

nomadic city vls by Manuel Dominguez

Called VLS (Very Large Structure), this is a concept of a giant nomadic city that moves on tracks to find itself preferable environmental, physical and economic conditions. Designed by Manuel Domínguez, the gigantic futuristic city is built off available technology that could be scaled to suit the needs of building a movable town like this, should such an opportunity arise.

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Sprawling Concept City Lives Underwater

About 70 percent of the earth’s surface is water, so as the pressure on land grows, it would be sensible to seek water as a place to host cities. Designer Phil Pauley’s Sub-Biosphere 2 concept is a city established to live under water. A huge self contained structure, the city would be 1,105 feet wide housed in eight spherical pods called Bio Domes.

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