Apple Announces New iPhone 5S, Cheaper iPhone 5C, Free iPhone 4S

Apple has announced new phones and updates for the iDevices. First off, its the launch of the iPhone 5S. This one is an obvious upgrade to its predecessor, the good old iPhone 5, which has now been discontinued. The expected price drop that the iPhone 5 had to take with the coming of the 5S, is a slot now being filled by the new iPhone 5C. Remember, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are very different phones.

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Man Converts Home Office Into Apple Store Lookalike

Apple has no dearth of fanboys, it is the sheer distances they are willing to go that some may term surprising. Fan David Wu decided to create his home office on the theme of an Apple Store. A lit-up Apple logo shows up on the pillar along with a built-in LCD screen. For the flair of authenticity, David’s office also includes packaging for various Apple gadgets like the iPhone. The whole project took about three months to complete.

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Apple Outs the iPhone 5

Apple has unveiled the new iPhone, one that comes with a number of upgrades over its predecessors. For starters, the screen of the phone has received a size increase with an elongated 4-inch display that holds 1,136 x 640 pixels. It’s 18% thinner than the predecessor, which puts it at just 7.6 millimeters. iPhone 5 surfs the web much faster with LTE capabilities, the connector has gone shorter and gets a new name, Lightning.

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Concept Imagines an Apple iwatch

We guess the iPod Nano did a pretty good job of settling in as a watch, but that doesn’t stop some people from hoping that Apple would come out with a full fledged watch one day. These renderings by Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg imagine what an iWatch might look like. The concept claims FaceTime capabilities, Bluetooth, WiFi, iTunes, Google Maps and other apps.

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

The tech industry has lost one of its greatest visionaries and innovators as Steve Jobs, chairman and former CEO of Apple passed away. Links: Apple, ABC, Bloomberg, Reuters

Ninja Apple Cozy

As the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And now we know the real reason, apart from being delicious and a healthy food, apples are also secretly ninjas. Bring out the ninja side of the apples with this cute little woven thing called apple ninja cozy. A natural coconut button …

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The Apple Tree of Gadgets and Products

Apple has been in business for some 35 years, a time during which the company has come up with a number of products that influenced or even completely changed the game. And that we’d say is reason enough for all the fanboys the company gets. Not all of these were huge successes, but it seems …

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