Reloaded: Clay animation video

There was a time when most stories started with “Once upon a time…” or with “If elected I promise…” the times are changing now, and while the latter shows no sign of letting up, the former has been making way for “A scientific experiment goes terribly wrong..” Checkout this video to see how wrong the …

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Super strong mouse hits the gym, eats cheese

That super strong mouse in the video doesn’t quite fall for the mouse trap, but it sure does some exercise. Animatronics expert John Nolan created this video for Nolan’s Cheddar. Via: TheAwesomer

CGI so good, it’s almost real [Video]

The video above is an advertisement for Silestone. Created by Alex Roman, the video has amazing CGI effects, done with such perfection that all of it looks quite real. Via: TheAwesomer

A flip book animation with a car on the road and drawings on the track wall

Flip book animations are cool, but things tend to get a lot cooler when done in better ways. Agency DDB Canada created an unusual shot for the Subaru WRX STI Rally Car. They put a camera on the car and 760 precisely spaced frames along the one kilometer long wall of the test track. As the car hits optimum speed, the drawings blend, creating a cool animation effect. Another video after the jump.

Via: Core77

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Animation created from images burnt on toast

The new video from OK Go is remarkable for the creative stop-motion animation it employs. Images were burnt on a toast, then used for the animation. The video is slightly slow-loading, watch it after the jump. Via: Kitsune Noir, Notcot

The Cat Piano [Short Film]

We saw the weird cat piano Katzenklavier yesterday. This animated short, “The Cat Piano” is based in a city of cats, where their singers suddenly begin disappearing, captured by a human for a musical instrument. Watch the video to see how the story unfolds. The film is a creation of The People’s Republic of Animation.