A Marine World Populated by Metallic Tools

In this world dreamt up PES Films, the marine world is populated by metallic life forms. The fish, seaweed, and the corals are all metallic, though they all do keep up with the behavior and tactics of the fish they derive their shapes and roles from. Makers of the film have also released a limited edition screen print to go with the release of the movie.

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Complex Traffic Moves Freely in a World of Paper [video]

A paper world in an endless loop of animation, this video by Pingo van der Brinkloev shows a world where complex traffic moves seamlessly and everything from buildings to cars, planes, people and even the landscape is made out of plain paper. Although none of this is actually made of paper, but are animations rendered in Cinema4D software.

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Rio 2 [trailer]

Here’s a trailer for Rio 2, where Blu and Jewel decide to take their three kids to the Amazon. The movie is set to be released April 11 next year.

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A Brain Divided: Fun, Animated Short

Ringling College of Art and Design students Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song created this very well made animated short that shows the struggle in the mind of a man as he meets his hot date. The ending wraps it up pretty well.

How to Train Your Robot

Training dragons is what we did in the old times, but the modern world has no dragons to train so it’s only logical that we look at the resources we have available. Train a robot. Be warned though, boxing training for your robot is no easy job and should be only done by professionals. The video is the creation of students at the Platige Academy.

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Cartoon Network 60 second Animation

Cartoon Network put together six animation studios, each given 10 seconds of music, four colors and a lot of CN characters. The result is this animated exquisite corpse for Cartoon Network.