Granny O’Grimm: Short film where Granny tells granddaughter a scary story

Granny O’Grimm wants to be a perfect granny to her grandchildren; loving, caring, telling them stories, you know, the works. There’s one little problem though, granny is filled with rage at the world and can barely repress the anger at being “ignored.” The anger somehow flows into her stories, making her tales a lot more grimmer than Grimm’s fairy tales ever intended to be. Watch the video after the jump to see the Oscar nominated short film, where granny tells her granddaughter the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Via: Granny O’Grimm, ThePresurfer

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Khoda: An animated film made from 6000 paintings

Khoda is an animated film that owes its origins to Reza Dolatabadi who has since made gems like The Illusionist and Octo-dancing. This project was created while Dolatabadi was a student of animation and film in Scotland. You can gauge the amount of hardwork that went into the movie by considering that the five minute …

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Stop motion animation: Out of a Forest

Out Of A Forest is a stop motion animation by The Animation Workshop. It’s a non-commercial short film, and as is apparent, a lot of work went into the film. Watch the video, it starts to make a lot more sense towards the end. Vimeo

Disney creates animation with post-it notes

This stop motion animation from Disney is rather cool, and shows off the company’s immense talent. It’s quite basic upto the 1 minute mark, and after that the post-its swing into animation. The video was made to promote a volunteerism campaign for Disney employees. BoingBoing

Paper War: Cool Animation

The video mixes origami with animation to create a cool animation. The language probably is French, but that doesn’t quite matter for this video.