Get More Angry Birds Action With a Slinghshot

Countless hours have been sacrificed upon the altar of Angry Birds. And it continues to go on. Lately though, it all seems to have run out of steam but things could get better by adding some spice to the mix; like using an actual slingshot to fire those birds and beat the crap out of those ugly pigs.

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The Angry Birds Movie [video]

We have already seen what an Angry Birds movie might look like if it were to be directed by Michael Bay. Well, the momentous explosions would work splendidly, but we could have another take. Something like an Angry Birds movie directed by Guy Ritchie. Well, the video is a spoof by Philadelphia-based writer/director Nick Murphy …

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Angry Birds Built In Lego

Tony Sava built this wicked Angry Birds scenario in Lego. The scene has been created for the November LEGO LUG Showcase at the Baybrook Mall LEGO store in Texas. Via RampagedReality

Halloween? Angry Birds Costumes Have You Covered

It’s nearly Halloween already, and some of us are going to make awesome DIY costumes for ourselves but most are going to follow the simple way and get a costume off the shelf. For those in the second category, Angry Birds costumes are now available so you could dress as your favorite bird, or even …

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Angry Birds Speaker / Dock For the iPhone

If you can manage not hitting a pig when you see one, these Angry Birds pig speakers might find some place and love. The helmet pig is a speaker and a dock, and a great way to get back on those pigs, if you can afford to beat something worth ~$110 to pulp. Via RGS