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GameKlip Gives a PS-like Controller to Android Phones

It’s not everyday that we get to see remarkable hardware or accessories built especially for Android phones. This just happens to be one of those blue moons, and one that will make gamers on Android phones a happier bunch. GameKlip is a PlayStation Dual Shock 3 controller modded to work with Android phones. It does need the “Sixaxis Controller” app to work and has limited compatibility, but playing on a familiar controller trumps the touch screen controls for me.


Samsung Galaxy Merges With Robot, Gives Xmas Hugs [video]

For an advertising spot in Japan, Samsung had the Galaxy tab join forces with RT Corporation’s RIC robot. The bare-boned metallic robot had its body covered in plastic air cushions so it could give out hugs. The bot has been (appropriately?) named Hug-chan for obvious reasons. The Galaxy and RIC make an easy pair, as both, the robot and the tablet run off Android.

Via PlasticPals


Pantech’s Gesture Controlled Smartphone

Korean manufacturer Pantech‘s upcoming Vega smartphone will be able to understand user commands by means of gesture recognition. Running on Android, the phone will also have a gesture recognition system similar to the one in the Microsoft Kinect.


Android plush case to hold your smartphones

Android may not exactly be your smartphone OS of choice, but you can’t deny that those green robots look super cute. Ganndroids has come up with Android plush dolls that can comfortably hold most touchscreen phones.

Via: ChipChick

Cool Robots

Android robot gets a teardown, spills its guts

This image puts the Android robot on the dissection table, spinning its guts out, showing off its anatomy. No sir, the robot is not flesh and bone, like some gadgets turned out to be. It is mostly electronic, though it does have a few organic parts.

Via: SlipperyBrick

Gadgets Videos

Vizualization shows Android phone activations

The vizualization shows the activation of Android mobile phones, ever since they were launched in October 2008. Of course, the data isn’t even nearly as pretty as the presentation, which in fact makes the video watchable and not some mix of boring market jargon.

Via: Gearfuse


Android minifig dresses up as a vampire for Halloween

Google Android seems to be lending itself well for figurines. This time around, it has dressed up in a vampire suit for Halloween celebration. The special edition vampire android costs $10.

Via: GadgetSin


Android action figurines from Korea

Google’s Android logo is well known to most people, and it appears someone in South Korea is making action figurines based on the Android. Named Androski, the set has three figures, one with movable arms and a spinny upper head and scary teeth, the other is a phone pendant for phones with strap holes, and the third is the android on skiis, which should double up as a mobile phone stand. The figures were made as mascots for SK Telecom’s advertisement.

Via: AkihabaraNews


Sony Ericsson shows its Android powered LiveView, looks good

Sony Ericsson’s LiveView makes those iPod watches look kind of old. The tiny gadget works in tandem with your Android phone, and allows you to use basic functions of the phone. It has a 1.3-inch touch-sensitive OLED screen with 128×128 resolution, has dimensions of 35x35x11 mm, and weighs just 35 grams. Compatible with all Android 2.0+ devices, LiveView can be customized using apps, and includes a clip and wrist strap to make it easier to carry around. It basically has a lot going for it, except the name, we guess Sony Ericsson could have done better in that department.

Via: GSM Arena


Space Invaders commence attack in Augmented Reality

Space InvadAR is the first Augmented Reality game to show up for Android. It involves aliens attacking our dear planet, and the user of course has to save the day and get rid of those pesky invaders. All you need to do is aim the device’s camera towards a printed image of the planet (available at the game’s website) and shoot those aliens once they appear. The game is overpriced at $25, and since there’s no way a user can win the game, no matter how well you play it, you can’t save Earth. Video after the jump.