Normal Alarm Clocks Not Working For You? This One Will Shock You

For most of us, the work of the alarm clock is to ring, go to snooze, get switched off or just be ignored. While that works fantastically for the sleepy mind, it’s not so great for waking up on time. While most people would shrug it off and try to be on time the next day, designer Sankalp Sinha decided the idea needed more of a kick, and a shock, so he could make it to class on time.

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Good Morning Clock Wakes you up the Classy Way

Rather than waking you up with monotonous, irritating sounds, the Good Morning Clock greets you with the voice of Stephen Fry. Not just weird sounds, but classy greetings to wake you up. It has up to 120 sounds, each with phrases like “The world has been very anxious to hear from you for the last …

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New Alarm Clock Is More Humane While Waking Us Up

As is the norm, alarm clocks take pride in being loud and scary while waking us up. They may fulfill the purpose, but they don’t do it the best way possible. This new alarm clock, devised by a team at the Jerusalem College in India, might be able to do its job in a lot more efficient manner. Basically, our sleep can be divided into a number of stages, with stages 1 and 2 being close to awake stages, and stages 3 and 4 being the stages of a deep slumber, followed by REM.

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Go back a century with the Edison Alarm clock

Designer David Krawczyk designed this brilliant clock with a 19th century flavor. Showing time on voltmeter-like faces, the Edison Alarm clock’s alarm can be set by inserting miniature bulbs into the desired slots. The designer is aiming to bring the clock out of concept form into a limited production run. Via: David Krawczyk, Core77

Lego Darth Vader alarm clock

You have to be real powerful to keep Vader at your desk, pleading you to get up in the morning. Then you ask Vader to shut up. Lego Darth Vader alarm clock costs $30. Via: InventorSpot

Alarm clock wakes you up with pole dancing

Waking up to a pole dancing chick has to be one of the best ways of getting out of bed. While other alarm clocks might shriek at you, this one takes pleasure in waking you up with a pole dance. When it’s time to wake up, the clock plays “stripper music” and a stripper dressed …

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