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Designer Imagines An Electric Helicopter as Tesla Model H

Tesla cars have made quite an impression on the road, and even in space! The company has however, shown little interest to take to the sky. But that is no reason to put a cap on imagination! Designer Antonio Paglia has created this innovative concept called the Tesla Model H. This flying Tesla combines the tech of helicopters and drones to create a fresh concept. An exoskeleton formed like a ribbon covers the body of the helicopter, while the overall form takes inspiration from biomorphic as well as robotic shapes. Four mini rotors have been added to the ribbon-exoskeleton to make maneuvering easier, and the flight more stable.

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European Aerospace Thinking of a Turbine Powered Chevy Volt-like Airplane

European aerospace consortium EADS has a new idea for the future, an airplane that is less noisy and has cleaner emissions. The future here, is talking about 2050 though. E-Thrust is a collaboration between EADS Innovation Works program and engine manufacturer Rolls Royce. Working quite like some hybrid cars, the basic idea is to have batteries and motors power up airplanes for the flight.

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You Absolutely Should Have Your Personal Jet

Being rich and having a personal aircraft is okay, but what you really want is a personal jet. One that goes 0.99 Mach and costs $7,000,000. Even while being on the pricey side, the manufacturers have kept the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the Saker S-1 Personal Jet in sight. It is dubbed 20% more efficient than its competitors and has a claimed operating cost of just $2 per nautical mile.

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Lighting From Airbus Windows

A piece of furniture made from aircrafts is the perfect place for the office of an airline company. Designer Paul Coudamy made this lighting piece for Flown Mobilier Airline. Named F-Light, the system uses recycled Airbus A300 windows that were curved and attached into a shape fit to be used for lighting.