Creative ad makes good use of hand shadows [Video]

The video here is an advertisement for tourism in the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India. They’ve made clever and creative use of hand shadows to highlight the cultural history, as well as important tourist destinations of the state. Sadly, the narration is entirely in Hindi, but having a look at the creative hand shadow …

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CGI so good, it’s almost real [Video]

The video above is an advertisement for Silestone. Created by Alex Roman, the video has amazing CGI effects, done with such perfection that all of it looks quite real. Via: TheAwesomer

Mini makes crop circles for advertisement

This giant Mini Countryman advertisement is located in 1.5 hectares of cornfield, intending to embody the company’s “From town to country and back again” campaign. We couldn’t care about campaigns, what we see are just the crop circles. Via: Inhabitat

Dolph Lundgren goes all-out on a unicorn, makes people buy Norton Antivirus

Apparently, if you don’t buy a Norton Antivirus, Dolph Lundgren will officially be allowed to kill a unicorn. However, if you have Norton Antivirus, not only will it protect the computer, but the tiny unicorn will be able to fight off the giant Lundgren, and blow his head off. A cool advertisement for the antivirus. Two videos after the jump.

Via: ForeverGeek

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Vintage Ads for popular websites

Brazilian advertising agency Moma created these vintage ads for current websites. Designed for a media seminar, the idea was to show “what’s new today, is old tomorrow.” To keep up to the theme, popular websites Facebook, YouTube, Skype and Twitter were given vintage advertising. More images after the jump.

Via: Geekologie

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24 cars play the classic ‘car’ tune

The video here has the classic tune “cars” played by actual cars, with Gary Numan playing the 1979 hit using 24 cars for the music. Keys on the keyboard correspond to the cars, with each car playing the music when the corresponding key is pushed. Horns in the cars were tuned to create the proper sound effect for the advertisement. Video after the jump.

Via: Wired, GadgetVenue

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