Reverse graffiti

Rather than covering walls with paints, some artists appear to be cleaning dirt off the walls, creating these amazing images they call reverse graffiti. Apparently, this was all made for a marketing campaign by Clorox. Via: knewdrew, Reddit

Highway in Colombia gets the Hot Wheels loop

An advertising campaign saw the installation of a Hot Wheels loop facade at a highway in Bogota, Colombia. The facade is a representation of the loop Hot Wheels cars have been passing through for years, and it has been done so well that it appears quite realistic. Or maybe I see it that way because …

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Coca Cola’s happiness machine [video]

In a nifty PR stunt, Coca Cola put one of their vending machines in a college campus, and let it do its job of spreading happiness. Students purchasing from the machine were treated with extras and freebies, making them all happy. I think the happiest person of them all would be the dude sitting inside …

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Now that’s how you sell paint

This incredible print ad was made by Brussels based agency TBWA for paint manufacturer Levis. Stylish and cool, a great way to get attention. Via: TCH