Dogs Bark, Sing the Imperial March [video]

Volkswagen is continuing its theme of awesome Star Wars themed ads for the superbowl again this year, and this time around, it is going to be dogs barking to sing the Imperial March. VW has released a teaser for the advertisement. Wait… what? Yep, teasers for advertisements do exist now; just like singing dogs.

Shake on it [video]

College football fans are probably the most passionate fans out there. And rivalries run deep. So deep, in fact, that fans will often jump at the chance to prove their undying faith in their teams by promising to do some crazy things if they lose. Of course if they win, the tables turn. That’s a …

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Benetton Grosses Out The World With Weird Ad Campaign

For some very weird reason, Benetton decided to launch an “Unhate” campaign to destroy the culture of hate in the world. Whatever their motive might be, having world leaders kiss each other doesn’t just generate controversy, it is also totally freaking’ gross.

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Reality Sucks: Iconic Film Scenes Meet Reality

Some movies have iconic scenes that stay on long after the movie leaves theaters, prompting people to re-create those magical moments in their own photographs. Well, reality may not quite agree with the controlled environment of movie shoots, as these ads from Agency Duval Guillaume show. The ads were created for Utopolis Cinemas, and highlight …

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Going Crazy With Neon Glow-Sticks [video]

It is tough to imagine a brand of yogurt going this creative for its advertising. Columbian yogurt company Bon Yurt armed artists with blenders, paint, and over 700 small glasses, and a lot of hose to create something of an audio equalizer. The shiny part they use is stuff extracted from neon glow sticks. Just …

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