Nendoroid Captain America Infinity Edition

he badass Captain America we see in Infinity War takes a cute turn with this Nendoroid action figure. If you’ve had the pleasure to watch the movie, or have been watching the trailers, you know Captain America’s look has undergone a substantial change from his previous movies. The mask has gone, as has the shield, and the Captain now sports a full beard. This nendoroid is currently available for pre-order, with a release scheduled for November 2018. Currently priced at JPY 4200 (~$38.5).


Iron Man and Spiderman Samurai Action Figures

We’ve already seen Bandai’s action figures for Star Wars characters. Now, its turn for Marvel heroes to get the Samurai treatment. The Samurai Spider Man and Samurai Iron Man do look pretty rad, even if they’re a bit on the expensive side.

Cool Geek

Action Figure Set Presents Star Wars Characters as Samurai

This superbly detailed line by Bandai puts Star Wars characters in a rather fitting style of Samurais. It’s quite an intelligently created set, which does an excellent job at transforming our favorite characters into Samurai, but doesn’t go overboard.

Cool Gaming

Headcrab Zombie Action Figure

Oh look.. it’s the deadly headcrab from Half Life 2. The headcrab has done its work on the 7-inch action figure which shows gory stuff like a bloody open chest and a zombified face, as headcrabs tend to do that to humans. The action figure is up for sale on eBay.

Art Featured

Serial Wars has Star Wars Characters Looking for a Role in Retro Serials

What would Star Wars characters be like if they entered the world of retro serials of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon? Well, Sillof has the answers in the new line for Serial Wars. As with his previous lines, Star Wars characters have been reworked to fit into their new setting, yet they are quite recognizable as their original setting as well. Sillof calls this set his best line, and that itself would be a great compliment to this set.

Art Environment Featured

US Soldier in Afghanistan makes action figures out of trash

Kandahar, Afghanistan isn’t exactly the place where you’d expect a soldier to have toys on his mind. The most interesting things however, appear where they’re least expected. Rupert Valero, a US soldier in Afghanistan, gathers locally available junk when off-duty, converting all that into action figures. Some of Valero’s creations are available on Etsy as well.

Via: ALR Design, Core77


Android action figurines from Korea

Google’s Android logo is well known to most people, and it appears someone in South Korea is making action figurines based on the Android. Named Androski, the set has three figures, one with movable arms and a spinny upper head and scary teeth, the other is a phone pendant for phones with strap holes, and the third is the android on skiis, which should double up as a mobile phone stand. The figures were made as mascots for SK Telecom’s advertisement.

Via: AkihabaraNews


Star Wars in World War II: The Nazi Darth

Custom action figures created by Jonathan Kuriscak tell a story of their own. A crafter-collector of figures, Kurisack made the Nazi Darth Vader in all black, except the helmet and the red armband. Darth also sports a “mechanical” look. Stormtroopers gave up their traditional whites in favor of black for the series, in an attempt to live up to their WWII Nazi setting.

Via: Wired