3D Printed Intricate Animal Head Trophies

Animal Busts by Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques

Animal Lace collection by artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques is a series of animal head busts and trophies built in an intricate mesh. The ornate trophies were 3D printed using white polyamide and gloss paint, which gives them a brilliant white look during the day. At night, lamps in the animal heads shine and glimmer through the animal forms, forming a pattern of shadows along the wall.

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Shoes With iPhone Case on Their Heels

iPhone Mashup Shoe might be the ridiculous mashup of a shoe and an iphone case/holder, but we are good people that don’t judge. The 3D printed shoes include a strap and case along their heel where the phone goes. It might be a little trouble, but you get to pull off a Bond-style shoe phone technique. Yeah, Bond looked better but I’m not James Bond, and that sucker did not have 3D printed shoes and a smartphone. You hear that Mr Bond? I’m better than you.

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Personalized and Computer Grown Insects Have Text as Their DNA

Dolf Veenvliet just sent in an email about his rather unusual creation, Entoforms. These little “insects” are grown virtually inside a computer and use text as their DNA. This basically means they will evolve depending on the alphabets in the name, making each piece unique and custom to name of the person commissioning these insects. Dolf wrote numerous scripts in Python to make all this possible. When fully grown, these creatures are printed in 3D, giving a solid form to the unique species. Dolf is printing and selling some of the Entoforms as limited edition art pieces, and hopes to Exhibit them as well. If you find the Entoforms interesting, you might want to check out Dolf’s crowdfunding effort at IndieGoGo.

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