Time Lapse Shows Girl From Birth to Age 12

Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester photographed his daughter ever since she was born to document her growth. His daughter Lotte recently turned 12 and Hofmeester decided to edit all the footage and pictures he had to create this superb time lapse video. Via PetaPixel

Dinosaurs Dressed up as Avengers

When you’re a dinosaur, you can do pretty much everything you want; because 1) You’re scary as shit, and 2) You’re extinct. Terryl Whitlatch decided to draw dinosaurs dressed up as the Avengers, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, with the movie fresh out. Although we bet these dinosaurs would have been the center of attraction at that dino-costume party these guys never made it to.

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The Best Wedding Cake a Gearhead Could Ask For

Getting an amazing engine shaped cake should make the most important day in the life of a gearhead, way more enjoyable. On their wedding, Sarah Karger hired baker Wendy Collinsworth to make a groom’s cake. Wendy came through with an LS1 lookalike, which happens to be the motor powering the happy couple’s Mustang.

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2013 Rolls Royce Ghost Six Sense

For the Beijing Motor Show, Rolls Royce has brought out its elegant new car, the 2013 Rolls Royce Ghost Six Sense. The luxurious and exclusive concept features a pearlescent Carrara White paintjob, forged alloys, super luxurious interiors, a panoramic sunroof, champagne cooler and an upgraded sound system.

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No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer Tee

This is the tee that everyone who seeks deliverance from hoards of people wanting them to fix computers. No, I have no desire to peer through your Internet Explorer covered in six toolbars to fix your internet either. Available at ThinkGeek.