Mint All Your Money With Knit Credit Cards

If only life were so simple/stupid. Need money? Mint it yourself. Need a credit card? Knit it. That method at least works for Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov who has created this collection of knitted credit cards from around the world. We guess he can go pretty much anywhere in the world, with money and oversized knitted credit cards in his backpack.

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Boombox Pillow Set

Now that it has been established that the boombox is the most popular gadget of all time, we find it very fitting that the pillows get a suitable makeover. And if they really do look as cool as this image makes them out to be, $60 seems to be a reasonable price to pay. Via …

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Pizza Cupcakes From Heaven

When we hear pizza and cupcakes hooked up, we obviously are hoping for awesomeness. The pizza cupcakes are really muffins with pepperoni and cheese toppings and appear to be absolutely delicious. Checkout the recipe here. Via whatthecool