John Sabraw Makes Vibrant Art from Pollution

Obsolete coalmines, scattered all over Ohio have brought to light a new function to the world of art. Artists, engineers, and other community members want to clean up the pollution left behind by these mines. With their help, artist John Sabraw saw an opportunity to turn the pollution from these coal mines into spellbinding pieces of art. The colorful pigments used in these unique pieces derive directly from the streams of coal mine pollution left behind for years. 

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Earthly Living, in France

Imagine living one on one with nature. A peaceful, quiet place where you can be in touch with true nature. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, there is an architecture firm that wants to make this possible. Score Architects has a proposal for just such a thing. 

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The Living Wall by Horticus

Horticus Modular Green Wall

Whether at home, or at the office, a nice plant makes the ambiance peaceful and fashionable. Those with a green thumb will definitely like the “Living Wall” designed by Horticus. 

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Samsung AI Front Control Slide-in Gas Range Stove

Chefs, home cooks, and foodies alike all enjoy a great stove. And now, Samsung has added to its catalog a truly enviable stove. Contrary to traditional cooking gear, the Samsung AI Front Control Slide-in aims to revolutionize the cooking and baking experience. 

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“Ooho,” Notpla’s Seaweed Packets

Notpla Seaweed Packaging Non-plastic

“Ooho,” the sound people make when they see Notpla seaweed packets. The packets, substitute plastic packets for condiments such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, and dressings. Growing faster than paper trees and starch, seaweed is a better option for a green way of packaging. 

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The Collapsible DiFOLD Origami Bottle

Difold Origami Bottle

DiFOLD Origami Bottle is a collapsible bottle inspired by the art of origami paper folding. It is elegant, sophisticated, and 100% stable when unfolded. The Origami bottle holds up to 750 milliliters of water when full. The folds along its exterior allow it to “collapse” or fold down to 80% of its size. This makes it easy to tote around without taking much space.

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