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F550 Made Into A Luxury Custom Camper

For off-grid travel lovers, the new Ford F550...

Rides Of The Wild — Animal Inspired Car Renderings

A very creative series, the Rides of the Wild brings a touch of animals to classic cars. The artist’s idea is to go beyond renders and encourage the imagination of the viewer. Something that can hold interest of a viewer, rather than be a comment in passing.

All-Electric Airis Wants To Be The Future’s Flying Taxi

Flying cars continue their attempts to come out of imagination into the real world. The latest iteration in the long line of flying concepts is the AirisOne. Capable of ferrying five passengers, the AirisOne will have the ability to be fully autonomous, with options for semi-autonomous driving.

Finland Releases A Set of Very Finnish Emojis

Finland Releases A Set of Very Finnish Emojis

Finland has released a set of country themed emojis, becoming the first country to do so. They've also included explanations for each emoji, should you need more context. The set includes several uniquely Finnish settings and memes as well, including Meanwhile in...

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Cat and Dog Paw Socks

Want your feet to look like cat or dog paws? No you don't. Human limbs looking like paws would be just weird. And it would be impossible for you to stand. If you answered yes to that question, re-evaluate your life choices, talk to friends, and then burn $12 on socks....

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