Rubber Chicken USB Drive Is Weirdly Funny

The land of wacky DIY has a brand new citizen: a rubber chicken USB drive. DIYs don’t get simpler than this, and it’s sort of funny too. All you need to do is to stick a USB drive in a rubber chicken’s hind, and you’re good to go. It’s weird but it can give you …

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B(I)aby MP3 Player Plays Music For The Unborn

They say music is the universal language, and nothing demonstrates it better than this mp3 player for the unborn. Some designer created this totally weird player, for music to the unborn, basing it on the idea that classical music can increase intelligence. Oh, it also has a mic so the to-be mother can sing and …

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Shelves For Life: With You In Life And In Death

Okay, so here’s the idea. Get a strong emotional relationship and bond going between yourself and your possessions. And then have your furniture follow you to the grave. Weird as it is, the idea wants people to have shelves that they know will one day be their coffin. The structure can be used as shelves …

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Bird Electron’s Weirdly Shaped Hyoutan Speakers For iPod

In the world of weird, Bird Electron chose speakers based on the shape of some obscure vegetable. Hyoutan, is some sort of a cucumber with a number of uses, ranging from being an edible, to use as sponges and even underwears! Hang a pair from the roof of your room.Akihabara News

Solar Birdhouse For Environment Friendly Techno Birdies

It’s surprising enough that someone thought of this, and even more surprising that it is on sale. A solar panel on the roof charges the translucent perch light. Long story short, the light glows at night, attracts insects and the birdie gets a midnight snack without much of an effort. It costs €70. bookofjoe