Human Skull USB Hub

This fake gadget would actually be great if ancient warriors had computers. Rather than impaling enemy skulls, they could convert them to USB hubs. For the modern day, it is just gross. It has four ports for USB drives, and the braincase has been scooped to function as a small tray. Damnit, just use it …

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Got A Flashy Car? You Probably Have An Affair

A recent survey backs the status of some cars as “chick magnets.” The survey by UK based illicitencounters website, which incidentally is the country’s largest extra-marital dating site says nearly 21% of their clients have a top-notch luxury car. Well, that’s conventional wisdom backed by statistics! Ananova

Nike Transformers Transform To… Sneakers!

Transformer Sneakers sound cheesy and outright weird. They’re simply not even close to being as awesome as the “real” Transformers, but they probably make some sneaky sneakers. You can’t really wear them, but they do change into fighting robots! CraziestGadgets

Screaming Skull Straw Will Not Leave You In Peace

No matter how hard you try to diet, a moment of weakness will see you staring at a high calorie drink. Try sipping that drink with the LED Screaming Skull Straw, with each sip, the straw will flash and scream. A persistent reminder to stay on course, that is if you don’t break it first. …

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Chinese Hairdresser Builds Landmarks From Hair

A Chinese hairdresser Huang Xin used hair collected in his shop to build a model of the Tian’anmen Gate Tower in Tian’anmen Square. A hairdresser for 10 years, the man prefered womens’ hair for his models because they are softer. The model used 11 kilos of hair. He seems to enjoy making these models, made …

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Portable Lie Detector For the Paranoid

It’s sad how insecure some people feel, and while this gadget sounds ludicrous, people are actually going to buy it. Portable Lie Detector depends upon variations in a person’s voice to detect nervousness and decide if it is a truth or lie. The maker claims a good degree of accuracy for the device, and says …

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US Officials Accept They Made A Spelling Mistake

Officials have admitted that they misspelled Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. The mistake has been going on for years, but a local newspaper Worcester Telegram & Gazette has been trying to highlight the mistake since 2003. A study was carried out, and they determined that Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg was the correct spelling, in place of Chargoggagoggmanchaoggagoggchaubunaguhgamaugg (the difference is at …

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Eye Rings Are Weird… And Blinky

Eye Rings are different because they hold “eyes” that blink. These eyes come from vintage dolls, those from the ’40s that had blinking blue eyes. The ring is made of sterling silver, which is textured and oxidized. Handcrafted by Vicky T. Hunt, the rings cost $131.GingaSquid and TrendHunter

Vending Machine Dispenses Bentley Arnage, Property

A Bentley Arnage dispensing vending machine isn’t even close to being the average-joe vendor. It’s probably the location at the luxury hotel Mondrian South Beach that makes it so much different than others of its species. The machine offers things ranging from a toothbrush to a Bentley Arnage, and even Real Estate. For objects like …

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Rubber Chicken USB Drive Is Weirdly Funny

The land of wacky DIY has a brand new citizen: a rubber chicken USB drive. DIYs don’t get simpler than this, and it’s sort of funny too. All you need to do is to stick a USB drive in a rubber chicken’s hind, and you’re good to go. It’s weird but it can give you …

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