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That’s a Plane Engine Powering This Motorcycle

That’s a Plane Engine Powering This Motorcycle

Eat your heart out, choppers that are not this one. Frank Ohle built this one around a 150hp Rotec Radial R3600 engine, you know, an engine built for planes. Having a plane engine between your legs is the second biggest indicator of masculinity, the first being chest hair. It took Ohle 18 months to complete the project that involved a custom chassis, painting, suspension and electronics.


The Matrix, as Retold by Someone’s Mom

The Matrix does have a confusing storyline so it’s entirely possible for people to get confused watching the movie. The funny part is, when they have to retell it. Anyways, Moshimo was a giant badass in that movie.

Mom Drives a 900hp Mitsubishi [video]

Here’s a video of a dude accompanying his mom as she drives a 900 horsepower Mitsubishi 3DX Evo. As our friends at Jalopnik point out, the world is full of videos where the mom gets scared in a high powered car like this one. For this video though, the tables have been reversed as the lady takes the wheel and the boy is the one getting scared, though she handles the car like a boss.