JAXA Releases Low Altitude HD Videos Of Lunar Surface

Japanese space exploration agency JAXA has released High-Def footage of lunar surface from its KAGUYA explorer. The top video is a shot from 7 miles above the lunar surface, between 45 and 52 degrees south latitude and 262 and 263 degrees east longitude on the moon. The video at the bottom has been shot from …

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Great Slow Motion Video

Slow motion videos are always mesmerizing. Watching things we see in everyday life, at a much slower scale is enthralling and interesting. Checkout this video by David Coiffier at the Stade de France, it slows down movement forty times! Fubiz

Laser Cutter Shows Talent, Plays Super Mario Theme

The Super Mario theme is something all of us remember from our childhood, and the music sounds pretty cool coming from a laser cutter as well. Step motors of the cutter have been arranged to play the music, and they do the job fairly well. Geekologie and Offworld

Apoptosis Is Way Better Than Vizualizations

Apaptosis is a video created by Tokyo based artist Takafumi Tsuchiya (Takcom) on music by Caelum. The video moves in exact harmony with the music being played, and has some very cool effects. Too bad the boring vizualizations in our media players aren’t even close to this effectiveness. Fubiz