Living In A World Made Entirely Out Of Paper

The cool campaign for Scribe by Mexican studio Cru of Ladies from Mexico shows the important part paper plays in our daily life. One so important that perhaps life revolves around paper. They put the message across in a very creative way through the campaign carried out by BBDO.Fubiz

Wrist-mounted Flamethrower

The wrist-mounted flamethrower was built as a halloween accessory, but I guess it would be cool to wear it everyday… just be careful not to set yourself on fire! UberReview

Tiny Pinfire Guns Really Fire

These miniature guns may look tiny, but they really shoot. Not that you could seriously wound someone with their 2mm blank pinfire cartridges, but these are real gems of craftsmanship. They were originally made by Austrian watchmakers as decorative pocket watch chain fobs or as cufflinks. BoingBoing

A "Real" Transforming Bumblebee Costume

Bumblebee is a popular Transformer and there might be a lot of costumes for the Autobot, most of which won’t actually be able to do anything similar to transforming. Not this one, this costume actually is cool enough to transform into a Camaro. AutoMotto

Japanese Comedian And Chimpanzee Parody "The Ring"

The Ring was quite a scary movie to watch, and while the little parody in the Scary Movie made it look funny, this one from Japanese comedian Ken Shimura and chimpanzee Pan-kun is quite good as well. The chimp looks sort of scary-cute in the role of the ghost. TokyoMango