Pieces of Chinese chess get memory

Brando has a new range of flash drives shaped like pieces of Chinese chess. USB Chinese chess is finished in wood and has engravings to set each piece apart. They are available in 2,4 and 8 GB. If you order a single piece, they’ll send you a random piece; but you can also get a …

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We’re Moving to a New Address

Soon, It’s All Random aka Randommization will be moving to a new address, its new home at Randommization.com. The transfer will be completed over the next few hours, and hopefully, there won’t be much trouble as we move between domains and platforms. We’ll keep you updated on Twitter! Thanks for the love :)

Carbon Fiber Chopsticks

For whatever reasons, someone has made chopsticks out of carbon fiber. I have no idea what food would require extra-strong chopsticks that cost $150, but here we go. Carbon Fiber Gear and Gizmodo

Skinput transforms users into touchscreens

Touchscreens may be all the rave these days, but soon you could be able to play a bit of a cyborg with inputs embedded in your forearm. Theoretically, your arm could be the control panel for your gadgets. For the technology to work in the least invasive way, you’d require a pica projector and a …

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H2Office: Your office on water

H2Office earns its place in the cool book simply because this baby floats. The 9 meter long office can hold 2 desks, a fold-out bed, lounge, kitchenette, and there’s even a sun deck at the top to make this office even more desirable. It feeds off a 240V power supply from the shore, which is …

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Remembering the light bulb

Ever since it was invented, the incandescent light bulb has sort of been a part of our daily life. Now that it is slowly on its way out, there’s a way you could recreate the same, comfortin effect to some degree. The solution lies in using an even older source of light, that probably won’t …

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