Insane! Pink Gundam!

All the while the world has been looking at the giant Gundam looking over Tokyo, someone has taken time to paint a Gundam pink, add lace, and even add some glittering stone thingies to the robot. This is even worse than the pink Darth Vader. technabob

Snoozy Robot Sloth Can Breathe

Snoozy the Sloth created by Justin Blinder appears to be an average soft toy at first look, but it is more than that. It has an actual diaphragm and lungs, and by actual I mean artificial, but the point is that this little stuff toy can breathe. And that’s something cute, or weird, I can’t …

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iRobot Mod For The Roomba Makes It Pick And Drop Items

While the Roomba follows its directionless path through your room, doing all the cleaning it does, it may, once in a while come across small objects lying on the floor. The iRobot mod gives the Roomba a robotic grasping system; this dustpan-like attachment can pick those foreign objects, and raise them to nearly your waist …

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Fukitorimushi Autonomous Floor Wiping Robot

Fukitorimushi (wipe up bug) is very much what its name suggests. The autonomous robot moves on the floor looking for dirt and when it finds dirty spot, the otherwise peaceful, dirt finding blue-white light on the bot changes to red and it starts cleaning the spot. This Panasonic made bug is covered in a nanofabric …

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Croww 540 Robot Loves Offroading

The Croww 540 robot is a design that can move on all terrains with help of its (six) spider-like legs. The mechanical camping and adventure partner can carry the necessary gear, work as a tent and provide some company. Designer Christopher Gloning says the concept is for 2057.Gizmowatch

KASPAR Could Help Autistic Children

The Adaptive Systems Research Group from the Universty of Hertfordshire believes their KASPAR robot could help autistic children learn some social skills. A major problem is that such children do not like touching, or being touched. KASPAR (Kinesics and Synchronization in Personal Assistant Robotics) is roughly the same size as a child, and is covered …

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Shadow Caddy Faithfully Follows The Golfer

When everythings going robotic, why not the caddy. The shadow caddy faithfully follows the golfer, chugging behind, carrying all the clubs. For some, that may be a much better option. The robot follows the golfer by tracking a transmitter fit into the golfer’s belt. Gearfuse

Micromuscle’s Microbots Can Do Amazing Things For Medical Science

Microbots created by Micromuscle are small enough to live inside a human body. Under the effect of a small voltage, they can morph into complex structures, change shape and volume. All this holds great potential application for medical science, but they are currently concentrating on “catheters that can steer themselves through the bloodstream, drug delivery …

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Robots Take Over Swiss Theater

Opening on May 1, “Robots” is a play placed in the future. It’s about a man living alone, with only his robots, and what happens when a woman “threatens” to visit him. Three robots created by the company Bluebotics star in the play. Engadget