Movie Posters Get The LEGO Treatment

Some movie posters have been given an altogether different treatment with LEGO. Posters of some of the most iconic and well known movies have been recreated, with LEGO at heart. Checkout the pics, and for the full collection, follow the link over to Speckyboy. Speckyboy and

Freaky Spy Gadgets: Russian Spy Book Camera

Well, if the car key camera isn’t good enough, or cheap enough for aspiring spies, they could always get hold of this cheaper alternative. It (poorly) resembles a book, needs film to take photographs, and is atleast a decade too late for the market. The book’s spine hides the lens and the viewfinder on this …

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Homage Has A Serious Case Of Identity Crisis

Homage has the face of a Cylon, the build of a killer bot from the Terminator movies, and it can transform into a jet – transformer style. The 17-inch tall toy is inspired from a number of cartoon movies and is currently on display at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. But if …

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The EAT Forte Turntable Costs A Fortune

EAT Forte turntable is for those who still like listening to old LPs and have the money to indulge in expensive players for them. It has magnetic feet, belts made of silicone string, a display that shows the RPM of the record, a clamp that holds the record in place and a vinyl mat made …

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Freaky Spy Gadgets: Voice Recorder Doubles Up As Flash Drive

There’s like a barrage of stupid gadgets these days that serve no other purpose than stupid spying. This USB Voice Recorder Flash Drive falls squarely into that category. It isn’t going to turn someone into James Bond, but it will probably feed their fantasies. This one looks like, and actually is a USB flash drive …

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Steampunk USB Drive Shows Off Its Gears

The Steampunk USB flash drive works real hard to get the feel, and it is quite evident by the looks itself. Huge gears on the 4GB drive are clearly visible and come from a vintage clock and watch gear. The handcrafted drive is wrapped in copper. It is available for $60 at Etsy.

T-Shirt Has Keyboard Keys In A Skull Design

The Skull a Day T-Shirt is geeky in a very geeky sort of way. The tee has a skull shape on the front, and it has been constructed out of keyboard keys. A very unique design as it is, it walks on the thin line between unique and weird. Designed by Noah Scallin, the T-shirt …

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